Sunday, June 23, 2013

Term 8: The Final Chapter

Sculpture 3

I'm so glad I got to take this class for my elective. It's been a long time since I've taken a traditional class, and even longer since my last sculpture class. The purpose of this class was to create a life size bust of a character that was humanoid, and a mixture of an animal group that we pulled blindly out of a hat. I drew amphibian. We were allowed to add a mammal if we wanted. We then sketched out a few ideas, created a mini-bust as a guide, and began sculpting on our large bust.

 You can view my classmates sculptures here:

This is Madame Melotoad. She was a classically trained opera singer who over the years has become bitter after her damaged voice ended her career. She currently teaches students and tries to live vicariously through them. 
Concept Sketch 1

 My first rough sketches were aimed at making her part whale and part frog so that I could play around with the inflated neck idea. The problem was she was looking more fishy and sluggish than amphibian and since Amphibian was my category, I had to strip away the whale idea.

The mini-bust was more of my experimentation phase. I was trying to figure out her hair, her neck, what kind of dress she was wearing, etc. This phase had a very muppety look to it.

The final sculpt came out very different from where I started. It was definitely a journey, but overall I'm happy with the way she came out. People tend to laugh and her expression, so that's a plus!